International  Egg Art Guild  

Masters Program

Judy Guinard

Judy was introduced to the world of egg artistry by Rachel Goetz in 1985. Rachel and her sister, Barbara Frye, operated BarRae Eggers in the late sixties and early seventies. Rachel started Judy at the very beginning and had her working on chicken eggs to start. Judy also helped Rachel, whose eyesight was beginning to fail, finish her creations. It was always important to Rachel that egg art thrive and she encouraged Judy to reach out to new artists to ensure the art form would continue.

Judy has continued the outreach by teaming up with Joyce Shivers to teach classes in her basement for beginning and intermediate students. She has operated a retail egging business, making the supplies needed available to local eggers. Additionally, Judy created and hosted an egg show in the Washington DC area from 1994 to 2000. For reasons beyond her control the BarRae Invitational had to be cancelled in 2000, but Judy has high hopes of hosting this show again - perhaps as early as April 2003.

Always eager to learn new techniques, she continues to hone her skills by attending seminars several times a year. She continues to teach and expand the local egging community with her duties as program director for the Northern Virginia Studio Eggers.